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Provo anti-booting petition

I authored an anti-booting petition that's being cosponsored by Provo Pulse and Schooled Magazine:

Dear Provo City Council,

We the undersigned, being residents of Provo City, respectfully ask that the current booting ordinance be replaced with a simple, city-run ticketing system.

This would be a fair solution for all parties:
  • For Provo City this would function as an additional revenue stream.
  • For property owners virtually nothing would change: Parking rules would be enforced just as before, and with no additional effort on their part.
  • For students this system would make a world of difference: It would protect their constitutional right to due-process instead of holding them guilty until proven innocent as occurs with the current ordinance

This is a win-win situation.

Under this system:
  • Provo City would function as a monopoly parking enforcement company with whom property owners contract.
  • The enforcement mechanism would be $20 a ticket.
  • Tickets would increase in price if left unpaid.
  • A standard appeals process would be provided

Implementing this system would require little additional overhead on Provo City's part because most of the infrastructure is already in place in the form of Provo's street-side parking enforcement system. This system is both efficient and fair. It even provides an online appeals process. Expanding it to include private property parking enforcement would require only a slight modification to the existing infrastructure.

Again, this is a win-win situation for all parties involved:

It will provide an additional revenue stream for Provo City while protecting the rights of both property owners and students. Additionally, this system will require minimal effort to implement.

We respectfully submit our names with appreciation for your due consideration on this matter.


(The undersigned)


What do you guys think?

We actually kicked off the petition in April at an event put together by Something Local which was hosted at Hollywood Juice Cafe / 24 Hour Fitness / Fro-Yo and were able to collect over 300 signatures. Personally I'm hoping to boost this up to 5,000 within the next few months.

To make this happen we're going to need you're help. More signatures means less opportunity for the city council to ignore us.

So sign the petition, and tell your friends about it.


Mason, you know how opposed I am to the booting here. But there is a big factor I think you're failing to see:

To make this happen we're going to need you're help. More signatures means less opportunity for the city council to ignore us.

The city council did not ignore us. They modified the law already to prevent booters from overstepping their bounds. The freaking mayor told the police not to enforce it. After three years here, I have come to the sad conclusion that Provo simply is not interested in what the students want. Why should they be? We don't pay taxes. I don't remember who said it in another post, but all your legislation, picketing, legal-fighting, ACLU-recruiting efforts are absolutely meaningless here.

Provo is the most un-American place I have ever been to, including places outside the US. Rights and principles aren't important to government leaders here. We've seen it with the example I just gave, with cops going out of their jurisdiction and then reporting crimes to a private institution (BYU), we saw a student journalist get arrested and reported as some BS story that was retracted once the footage made it to the real media, and countless other examples of retarded corruption. I realize those examples are more about the local cops, but when the court system and city council fails to change anything, they're just as guilty.

So while I'll sign your petition, I think you're wasting your time.

/Three more semesters until I'm out of this sorry place.


I think this is the first time that I actually agree with Farker on this issue!(Except for signing the petition) Honestly Mason, this is by far the best idea you've come up with to challenge booting. But, Farker is right. The city council doesn't care about what students think.

While I think Farker is being a little too dramatic about the corruption of the local police, he does have a point. There are some things that cops get away with here that they probably wouldn't be able to get away with anywhere else. While it is really sad I don't think that it has much influence on local government. Since students don't pay property taxes or anything like that, the city council doesn't care. The only way students could make a huge impact on the city, is if they stopped coming to BYU. That's the only real swing students in Provo have. But even if 5000 students stopped going to BYU, or living in Provo, there are 5000 others who could care less about parking enforcement that would take their place.

Oh, btw Farker, the only reason the mayor put off implementing the new ordinance is because he received a barrage of complaints from the property owners because they didn't want their personal information on the booting signs. The new draft is ready to go and could've passed last month, but the city council has been putting it off in their meetings. So now it looks like the whole city has put this issue on the back burner.

While I think Farker is

While I think Farker is being a little too dramatic about the corruption of the local police...

Yeah, probably. I have very little tolerance for cops who abuse their power, and even less when the checks and balance system fails to correct them for it. It's ridiculous that they get away with the things they do. Being a cop here is a job, but it shouldn't be called police work. It's more like official tattle tale. I tell my out-of-state friends about some of the things that go on here and get the same general response, "Are you serious? Dude, you need to get out of that place."

Oh, btw Farker, the only reason the mayor put off implementing the new ordinance is because...

That makes me feel a little better, but it doesn't change the point. The students have zero political pull. Let's see if the issue ever leaves the back burner.

"students have zero political pull"

students have zero political pull.

I disagree. I think students exercise zero political influence, but we potentially have lots of influence.

And I don't think the problem is us not paying property taxes. It's that we don't vote. Our votes count just as much as those of the property owners.

If we voted to throw out all the anti-student city council members and the anti-student mayor we'd be able to get our way.