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"The Vault" to open in downtown Provo

With all the reasons for not attempting to open a dance club in Provo, two brave souls--Mario and John Uceda--are doing just that:

The Daily Universe
Danceless Provo will soon be dancing again when The Vault, a dance club and lounge, opens this fall in the new Wells Fargo building...

Construction on the interior will begin the end of May and the club plans to open in August — just in time for fall semester.

And shockingly,

Provo City officials do not oppose the new club. Paul Warner, Provo City councilman, said the city tightened restrictions with security, camera surveillance and metal detectors for Club Omni, because there had been problems in the past; a boy was even shot and killed there. Club Omni complied with restrictions, but it cost money and the owner wasn’t able to keep the club alive. The Vault will adhere to the same safety restrictions.

Sounds good. Now let's get a quote from Mr. Flanders, er ... Warner:

“If it’s just a dance club with no alcohol — forward ho,” Warner said. “If it caters to a group that causes problems and brings an undesirable element, like a drug hangout, then the city council would have issues. But if it’s a wholesome club where the kids just dance and have a good time, that’s great and I don’t have a problem with that.”

Me neither. And surely "the kids" would agree.

Forward ho!

I give it 12 months

I've been to the parties and events around Provo and it'll be less than 12 months before the Provo City Council gets around to making life difficult on The Vault. They'll find some way to trump up some charges so that they can close it down in two or three years. For the old people on the city council, more than 40 people in a room is an undesirable element.

Is Omni still open? Not as

Is Omni still open? Not as a dance club- but I keep seeing signs saying 'CD Release Party' or 'Rock Show' @ the Omni.

Omni does still have a

Omni does still have a couple events a month like you listed. It's now called The Palace unless I'm mistaken.

I hope the club works, but really...what a tough place to do business. Provo can find something about anything to give a ticket or impose some sort of sanction for. The club owners will need guts and nerves of steel.

And did Warner really call us "kids?" That's incredible, and shows exactly the respect the city has for it's student residents.

For the old people on the city council, more than 40 people in a room is an undesirable element.

I might edit that to say more than 40 people under 40 years old in a room is a "problem" or "undesirable element." dJake is right on.

Another u92 playlist catering to byu dance club?

Intertesting. But is it going to be another "play all of the radio rap music that doesnt coincide with my religion" type place?

Is it going to be another throw it up, speakers and the top u92 charts played? All while catering to a BYU crowd?

I hope someone has the GUTS to try to do something different.

I also think I have seen enough "SHEEP" in the pastures of Utah Valley!

If not, be ready for my team and I to be outside handing out lyrics to all of the "We have no clue what this rap music is really saying" LDS kids.

Please have the guts to stand up and create something new and different!

as for as concerts go in

as for as concerts go in places like the omni or whatever the dancehall du jour is...bands have a hard enough time filling up muse or starry night, i think it's pointless to play a concert at a huge venue unless you have the draw to fill it, which i can humbly say our band doesn't even come close to until corey fox gets a venue's starry night for me...even if it is full of "high school kids", at least they support local music.

well i dont know what to do

well i dont know what to do outside of what i already do: post on
our site,
our myspace profile
THIS site
put flyers on the wilk bulletin board
put flyers at zumiez in both malls
post flyers at the glenwood, raintree, helaman halls, and the riviera

any additional ideas to what im already doing are welcome and appreciated.

thanks for the

thanks for the feedback...and thanks MrMarbles for checking out our stuff...i honestly think we advertise enough as it is...a lot of people are just blind to flyers unless it's for a big band they in the past six months we've played shows with everyone from Palomino to the Matt Lewis Band to Allred, hoping it would get our name out...but I guess we must suck cuz that didn't work as well as I thought it would either...oh well there's always high school kids...impressionable, loyal high school kids haha.

Worth going

I think it's more a problem with the scene- I went to Omni twice when it was open. It was awful. There wasn't anybody there, the music sucked and the people who were there looked like high schoolers. So the Vault's biggest problem as I see it isn't the Provo City Council- it's being a club worth going to.

I think it's a problem with

I think it's a problem with advertising. If you advertise enough- you'll fill up a venue like Omni. It's not that much bigger than the old side of Muse. I went to your band's website(through the link in your profile) and I liked what I heard- but I never know when your shows are so I've never been. I'm sure a lot of people would go to more shows if they knew about them. I only know about the shows I go to because the people playing are either friends or friends of my friends. So get out there and advertise. Be creative. We want to go to your shows- we just need to know about them.

getting the word out in provo

It seems like getting the word out around here is really tough. The only ways I can think of that work are to either buy a huge Daily Universe ad or marshal a ton of foot-soldiers to pass out flyers on both BYU and UVSC campuses.

I wish I could somehow get Provo Pulse big enough that it would act as ... like ... a clearing house for all this type of information--like a one-stop source for it, that people could use to publicize their events for free.

The scene

Let's face it, when people want to go clubbing they go up to Salt Lake. Even when the Omni was a cool place to go (several millenia ago) the vast majority of people who wanted to go clubbing went up north.

Two thoughts...

  1. Provo City Council made the Omni a bad place to be. I had a friend there one night when Provo PD came to shut down the place early because of a fight in the parking lot. The Provo City Council made it impossible for the Omni to operate succesfully.
  2. You gotta find a way to bring people from Salt Lake down here to Provo. If you are going clubbing you are going to meet hot bodies, and I'm not knocking the bodies available here in Provo, the odds are just way better up north.