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Facebook fanaticism

Jen, I changed up the poll be

Jen, I changed up the poll because I thought your categories were a little too narrow.

I hope this is still along the lines of what you were going for.

No Problem, I am always up fo

No Problem, I am always up for suggestions.


so is anyone going to explain what facebook fanaticism is? Couldn't figure it out on a quick google search...

BYU is supported by facebook

Look closer. I have 49 friends from BYU on I don't know about 45 of them. That's the fun of it. It's definitely addictive all over the place...considering the number of schools that have it.

i love it!

facebook helps me keep in touch with my friends from highschool or from all over the country without having to worry bout calling them at a good time and some of them i never got numbers for! and i just know i've never in my lifetime had 54 people wish me a happy birthday on my bday because facebook posts everyones birthdays! i don't know, i like it a lot!

Facebook is...

A way for Freshmen to hang out with each other without walking the 3 meters to the hallway of their dorms.

Did you search for the word

Did you search for the word "Facebook"?

It should be the top result.


Yeah, I guess that seems pretty dumb of me, but I only searched for "facebook fanaticism." So you guys are talking about Or are there other sites that function in the same way? Because doesn't show BYU as one of the colleges it supports. Looks like I had no idea this existed before now! Is it a big hit among BYU students? Or college students in general?