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Utah town debates banning alcohol & Sunday sales

The town of Ceder Hills is in an uproar over a push to ban alcohol sales and Sunday shopping:

The Daily Universe

“A lot of us moved to Cedar Hills because it had a very family-friendly atmosphere, and it was a good place to raise children in a safe and comfortable environment,” said Councilman James Parker. “These two proposals were meant to preserve this unique feeling in the community. Our neighbors to the north, Alpine and Highland, both have this ordinance, and I hope we perpetuate it.”

However, this ordinance digs deeper than just values. A ban to halt alcohol sales and Sunday shopping would give residents no choice, including those who belong to other churches in the area.

“The majority here don’t drink, but the question is whether or not to force those of other faiths not to shop on Sunday or drink,” Perry said. “It’s a subtle but important decision to prohibit others with other beliefs.”

After reading this, I was at first I was thinking it was stupid to allow the majority to run over the minority on an issues like this, because people should be free to choose for themselves whether to shop on Sunday or to drink.

But on second thought, what about the fact that allowing alcohol sales increases the number of intoxicated drivers on the roads of Cedar Hills?

With Sunday shopping this negative externalities argument is harder to make, but still applies: When corporations like Smith's are open on Sundays to accommodate Sunday shoppers, it puts additional pressure on Smith's employees (and potential employees) to accept Sunday shifts--an undesirable effect felt by non-Sunday shoppers.

So what does this mean? It means that, in cases like these, it isn't entirely wrong for the majority to bar the minority from these sorts of activities because their consequences are not exclusively borne by the minority.


Also of interest: Utah isn't the only place where this sort of thing is an issue.

Why don't the people who are

Why don't the people who are against the entire issue move somewhere else. Like LA for example, where they will be free to live there devilish-tendincies, and we Saints can live like what we are, saints.

Cue evil woman laughter and foreboding music now.


I am convinced that the Conservatism I was taught has morphed into something very different from what it once was. I was taught Conservatives wanted less government intrusion in our daily lives, and smaller, less expensive governments. Today, the Conservatives spend like there will be no tomorrow, running up huge budget deficits on a crazy borrowing and spending spree. And now they want the government to dictate which days I can go shopping?!

I think I am no longer a Conservative. It's not because I have changed - it's because the definition of "Conservative" has.


I can see the ban on the alcholic beverages, which has many negative consequences for a community, i.e., an increase of all kind of reckless behaviours. But it seems as though the banning of shopping on Sunday is entirely motivated by religion. What about the seventh day adventist? Where is their law banning shopping on Saturday? If we ban Sunday shopping because of our faith, why not Saturday for their faith? What about Fridays for muslims? Why not ban shopping for them on Friday, too?

Cedar Hills

i say that we should allow the good people of Cedar Hills to exercise their freedom in banning alcohol and sunday shopping (while taking ten steps backward into the 20s) for this reason...
better them than us


and after they ban those things, they should also pass a resolution renaming the town "Mormonville"...where Church and state really ARE one and the same.

Conservatism Redux

I'm starting become very disinterested in the whole political process because it is two groups of people who want the same result in slightly different variances. I swear Bush is playing the "let's spend more money than they do on their issues" game just for the hell of doing it. I'm just waiting for liberals to start championing conservative issues and then I'll know it's time to go start my own country.

Cedar Hills is a stupid place, but now I'll be sure never to move there. Whatever happened to that whole ox in the mire thing?

Amen dJake!

Just to be clear, I'm not becoming a Liberal. But from now on when someone asks me to label myself I will say "Independent". I disagree with today's Conservatives too often to claim to be part of that crowd any longer.

Here's an interesting (and depressing) discussion of what is now being called "Big Government Conservatism":

BTW and off-topic, your "Junior Bacon Cheese Finger" comment was hilarious.

Whatever happened to that who

Whatever happened to that whole ox in the mire thing?

You know, I am a big believer in not shopping on Sunday's. Even, to the point, where it bothers me when my in-laws will buy stuff to make us good food on Sunday's when I can get it just as easily with a few phone calls to neighbors or friends.

But... yesterday we ran out of formula for our sons. There was no way we could have predicted it happening, as it was the first can we'd gone through. If there hadn't been a store open yesterday, we would have had to drive to another town to get the formula so our boys could eat. So... legislating when a store can operate is stupid. I'm with dJake on this, it isn't up to the government to make these kinds of choices.