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The Truth, the whole Truth, and Nothing but the truth.

Well i'm off to Iraq in 10 days (USMC), but upon my return, I will be getting out of the Military and plan on attending BYU full time. I have a lot of hopes, aspirations and dreams ahead of me, but I would be naieve to believe that BYU is perfect. That said, I'm an LDS member who follows "The Rules", even in an extremely tempting enviroment such as the military.

So, what I am curious to know is how the society around BYU is set up. Is everyone generally church loving individuals who love the gospel, the church and to learn or are there individual problem groups that break the rules, etc. Is the honor code really kept up very well up there?

I ask because I have some college educated Lieutenants in my unit that said they have "been to BYU a couple of times" and that it's "Crazy up there" with parties and sex and that I "Should not be surprised or get my hopes up on BYU".

I have my faith, but just give me a little reassurence please, lol.

Thanks for you input, have a grea

Cloak Boy

Well, well, well, cloak boy has become famous. I've now read about this mysterious (young) man capped by a ratting BYU student who narked to a BYU police officer. What did he do? He was singing in the rain. Isn't that the title of a clean musical. Two Thumbs Up for "Cloak Boy"!!! I've read about him on and BYU's Daily Universe newspaper "Letters to the Editor". I'm glad there are various avenues for student voices and that The Daily Universe is not the only representative. Kudos to Provo!!! You rock.

Movie Reviews with Your Values in Mind!

The BYU Parking NOC List

This post does not necessarily reflect the opinion or desires of, but does prove to be a very funny article

So I just got a ticket from BYU Parking officer #63 (meaning, some lame student who can't get a real job, and wishes to hide behind the number 63). Technically, he was justified. I was parking in a faculty zone at 5:45pm, one that didn't open up to anyone parking there until 6pm. I can only give this guy the label of Loser!

But that's all besides the point; I strongly desire to know the identity of this person, and any other parking officer who wishes to be a jerk like this. I assume that since BYU is a private university that they don't have to follow the rule of law which dictates that you have a right to know your accuser (notice the real cops must write you a ticket that includes their name). But I think we still have a right to know who is writing these tickets.

So what I want is the Parking Office NOC List (think back to the first mission impossible - this is the list that matched the alias names with agents real names). Thus a list putting together the parking officer numbers with their real names. I doubt this list is available to the public, but does anyone know? If so, links to this file would be highly useful.

support cloak boy

another injustice has occurred on byu campus. relevant links:

byu police beat, see january 24th
daily universe readers forum, see chill out
facebook cloak boy support group

join the facebook group. wear a cloak. sing in public. fight the man.

Ralph Nader announces he's going to run again

Is this guy for real? Does he really think he can win? What I don't get is why anyone would ever give him money to run. If they want to give their money to a "charitable cause" they should put it somewhere that will actually help people. I know about lots of poor and hurting people that could use money. Ralph Nader isn't one of them.

Comic Book Artists Come to Provo!

Hey All,
If you are a fan of comic books, stories, and great art be sure to check out this comic book creator signing!

Customer Appreciation Day Event 2008 w/

Comic Book Creators!

All are invited to Customer Appreciation Day at Dragons Keep on Saturday March 15th! We are celebrating YOU!
This will be a day filled with gaming, comics & all kinds of crazy fun! There will be a FREE sketches and comic
books signings by our guest creators. There will also be Sales, Prizes, Gaming, and SO MUCH MORE!
Backstock comic books will be on sale! Come and check out our awesome comic sale the day of the event.
Recently added 3,000 additional backstock comics will be available that have never before been displayed
in the store! COME & SEE US!

Dragons Keep Customer Appreciation Day & Creator Signing is a family-oriented event. This is our
chance to say thank you to you the fans and our supporters! This will also be a great opportunity to
interact with some of the comic industries top creators currently working in comic books. Our guest
creators have not only worked in comic books, but also in cartoons/animation and computer game
industry. There will also be a comic book workshop at the Provo Library starting at 10:30 am with
one of our comic book guest and then continuing at Dragons Keep the comic and gaming shop!

Wal*Mart's ID Checking Policy

During a recent trip to Wal*Mart, I was surprised when I was asked to show my ID when someone I was with tried to purchase cigarettes. I was aware of laws saying that retailers had to verify someone's age as part of a transaction, but unaware that the law could compel me to show my ID as part of a transaction that is taking place in my vicinity.

When I showed my ID to the clerk, she said she could not accept it because it was not a driver's license (it was a concealed weapons permit). Remember that we are not required to even have driver's licenses, weapons permits, or any other form of identification unless we are engaging in activities that require them (driving, carrying a weapon, or buying tobacco). The clerk than disappeared into the back for several minutes with my ID. When she came back she informed me that a police officer had my ID in back - in a room I could not go into - and that he was calling the police station to check me out.

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