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I was reading some of the older articles the other day and the subject of torture was pretty hotly debated. I had some thoughts and wanted to get some feedback from this community.

First, I've said (perhaps incorrectly) that arguing over the merits of whether or not torture can be justified is moot. The reason being is that torture is ineffective, that information gathered from threat or use of torture is little more than information the detainee provides only to avoid pain. If a lie can get them through the day, they don't have to give up valuable information. But I've started to question the merit of this so-called "moot point." If torture is ineffective, why do so many nations employ it? Are military interrogators really that stupid? Then again, I know of no empirical evidence that the use of torture has ever saved lives. The bottom line then, is that I'm not sure torture is in/effective.

Fun stuff in Provo

So I'm super excited! I'm coming to Provo this weekend and I was just wondering what kinds of fun things there are to do.

I'm bringing one of my friends and I was hoping you guys could give me advice. What is there to do in provo? Anything fun to do on the weekends?

I just want to show my friend a good time. My friend thinks I won't be able to have much fun in Provo since it's only Mormons. I want to prove her wrong and show her that people can still have fun, even without alcohol.

Thanks so much!

Love BYU...but what is left of Deseret Towers?

I lived in DT in 1985-1986 and loved every moment of it. My fondest memories of BYU, actually. I went back to Brigham Young last November for the BYU-Texas Football game and was a bit surprised to see V & W Halls gone and the rest ready for the wrecking ball. What is left now...anything?

So sad to see relics of my BYU experience going, going gone, and much of the campus had been improved, still loads of other bits have not changed at all. If anyone who visits this site is on campus let me know here.

On another note, I loved every moment as a student at BYU and have nothing but great, great memories. As a non-member, and probably the only Jewish kid on campus at that time I never once felt alienated. Although, on my last visit I did sense that it doesn't seem as fun as I remember it being. Maybe it comes with age or having a much higher standard than when I was there. Still, beautiful place to get an education.

Best wishes from Los Angeles,


World of Warcraft Slays Two BYU Students

A group of armored warriors gets ambushed by axe-wielding orcs. Fortunately, however, after the computer carnage is over…it’s just a computer game and no one goes home hurt. Or maybe that’s what it seems like.

At first glance, World of Warcraft is a colorful world with thousands of online players exploring, leveling-up, trading goods, and participating in dungeon raids. Even if you’re not into video games, the strange fantastical landscapes might catch your eye.

I remember meeting my roommate two years ago. He was sitting behind his computer with a headset, journeying with his comrades through a lava-filled cave. We chatted superficially while he played. He was a really cool guy and seemed completely normal at first.

Brent Brown and fraud

It was only a few days ago that I saw a guy standing by the mall holding a sign that said, "brent brown is committing fraud," at first I just blew it off. But now I am taking that sign alot more seriously.

After my boyfriend was lied to about a car they bought I feel that the man holding that sign is not alone. On top of that I knew some people who said they received fliers about Brent Brown doing dirty business.

The brent brown sales man said that the car my boyfriend was going to buy had a brand new engine. The brand new engine was a big lie. Just recently when he tried to sell his car he went into brent brown to get the carfax for the man he was selling it to. The man had allready given my boyfriend a down payment. When my boyfriend found out that he had been lied to, that the proof of his new engine did not exist, he obviously could not sell his car. He lost out on 4,000 which he was depending on for an internship.

McCain vs. Obama: Health Care

With Obama having the nomination all but sewn up, it's time to start debating the issues between these two candidates. First on the chopping block (and sure to inspire lots of commentary, I hope): Health Care.

Here's links to each candidate's position on health care:

McCain -

Obama -

Whose policy do you prefer, and why?

What to do about high gas prices?

As we've all noticed, gas prices have been rising. Though my gas prices aren't high (I carpool), I'm a certifiable cheapskate, so I went about exploring alternatives. The easiest thing to me, it seemed, would be to convert my vehicle to CNG (compressed natural gas), available at the Flying J a mile away from me for 68 cents per gallon equivalent.

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