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Provo service

Good news for Provo residents. On the cover of the Daily Herald today, were the bold words, "Provo Leads Nation in Volunteerism.” I was happy when I saw this so I read more. There were some very cool figures in the article.

For example: “63.8 % of local residents over 16 give service each year, more than double the national average of 27.2 %." The second best city was Iowa City with a rate of 45.1 %. Provo was 18.7 % above the second highest city in the nation. Way higher than number two!

The volunteer hours per resident were 132.4 while the national average was 36.1. Los Angeles was even lower in the twenties. The article suggested that the college might play some role in the high hours of service. It also stated that many of the hours were religious.

Salt Lake City was also one of the most generous cities and Utah was listed as the most generous state.

I would say this is a very favorable sign for Utahans and members of the LDS church.

Aaron Shamy - Mormon X-game Gold Medalist needs your help!

Aaron Shamy has made his own bucketlist, before bucketlists were even popular.

Among over 200 items on the list is Aaron's goal to get a college degree. He has entered a YouTube competition which has the prize of a full-ride scholarship. Finalists are chosen by the number of YouTube views their application video has received and also its YouTube rating.

Shamy has already crossed off over 100 items from his bucket list including winning a gold medal for the U.S., climbing the Matterhorn, performing with Cirque Du Soleil, knitting a sweater, and getting married in the temple!

Please check out his video and leave a 5 star rating if you think it's deserving.

Click here to vote on YouTube (youtube account required to vote)

Credit Cards for College Students

This is very important. We are counseled to stay out of debt; however, I think that many college students don't realize how important a credit card is.

Here are three solid reasons why every college student should get a credit card.

1. You need to start building your own personal credit. I worked in the mortgage industry for a few years. When the day comes that you are ready to buy a house or condo, you will need at least three trade-lines in good standing. That means you will need to have had three lines of credit against your name (probably for about two years). Get a credit card as one of them.

Mormon Moviestars and the Dark Knight - a long-term example

There have been quite a few posts here about the decline in morality associated with Mormons being in the entertainment industry.

But did you know one of your favorite stars from the "Dark Knight" set the standard for the industry long before the big boom of "Mormon Movies?"

Check out the article on Wikipedia about Aaron Eckhart.

Highlights from the article include:

  • He had a Latter-day Saint upbringing.
  • He took three years off after high school to surf in Hawaii and to serve a mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in France and Switzerland
  • He enrolled as a film major at Brigham Young University, graduating in 1994
  • Eckhart appeared in the Mormon-themed film Godly Sorrow (check your seminary tapes!)
  • After graduating from BYU, he appeared in several beer commercials (sound familiar?)
  • Another Mormon Moviestar Gone Bad

    Michael Birkeland arrested for felony theft:

    Has he rejected the faith and become one of the many Mormon stars who has declined into a life of debauchery and denied his morals for the almighty dollar?

    Provo Parking Patrol At It Again

    If you decide to eat some food at the local Del Taco, be sure to watch out for farty Mc-Booty pants. Apparently the parking enforcement there just assumes if you park your vehicle in the Del Taco parking lot, you're not eating at Del Taco but visiting nearby apartments instead. Which makes sense.

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I know booters don't have to follow the same rules as cops, but it seems like they should have to have some reason to believe that you're doing something wrong before automatically assuming things.

    Congressional Approval Ratings hit record lows

    Congressional Approval has hit single digits.

    Rasmussen reports

    Don't know how long the link is good for, but I'll look for a permalink.

    In the meantime, discuss.

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