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Statesmen (or -women), Out of Touch w/Mainstream or AnyStream Americans, Politicians, and Scum

Both (Democrat and Republican) Presidential Hopefuls and their Running Mates could be categorized in two of the four categories listed in the title.

Let me clear the air before I step up on my soap box. (Why is it called a "soapbox"? Might get pretty slippery...but that's a topic for elsewhere.) My declared political preference is "unaffiliated". I am the type of person who might vote for someone running in the other parties that don't appear on national TV, let alone national radio broadcasts. If they are lucky they might get a radio ad on a more localized area. Anyway to my point.

NOTE: This is MY opinion on the character, integrity and experience of the forerunners in November's National Elections.


Barack OBAMA--Politician, Scum
Joe BIDEN--Out of Touch, Politician

John MCCAIN--Statesman, Politician
Sarah PALIN--Stateswoman, Politician

What is America's Biggest Problem?

Provo to start collections on 6-year-old parking tickets

Provo, reeling from its losses in iProvo and diminished housing taxes, is pursuing a new avenue of revenue generation-- collecting on parking tickets that are in some cases more than 6 years old, with interest and penalties.

Story here:
Collection Agency Targets Unpaid Tickets in Provo

Frankly, this reeks of desperation and, to no small extent, unfairness. I imagine there will be a lot of surprised students (or parents) finding hits on their credit reports as the tickets are put into collections.

Are Bicyclists Really Pedestrians

First off, I don't ride a bike regularly. I think the last time I did was over a decade ago. Anyway, to my point.

I don't have a problem with people who ride bikes for transportation. However, as a motorist I do see a problem with a "new" trend that I've seen around the Provo area.

What's the deal with bicyclists riding in car lanes. The most ludicrous scene is that of a bicyclist turning left in a left turn lane. I could be wrong, but I believe a bike cannot accelerate from a stationary position as fast as most cars.

Frankly I find this behavior annoying and dangerous. I'd like to hear other thoughts on this topic.

Peace out...

Palin chosen as McCain VP nominee! Palin vs. Biden-- what are your thoughts?

Looks like Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has been tapped as McCain's VP nominee.

So, now that we know who to expect on the ticket come November, what are your thoughts on Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin?

Gov. Schwarzenegger seeks to cut state workers' salaries to federal minimums in order to balance budget

Article here:,0,2620443.story

Some of you may remember me writing about California's budget woes previously on the Pulse. California, as it stands, has a 15-16 billion dollar deficit. States and municipalities are feeling the pinch too, as property values decline and middle-class and upper-class taxpayers flee to other Western states. Several California municipalities have declared bankrupty.

The Governor's/Republican's solution: Cut everyone's salary until a balanced budget is passed, then give back pay to the state workers.

Democrat's Solution: Keep spending at current levels, and raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

California, as it stands, is already one of the least friendly states in which to do business. The last time a tax hike was passed on the wealthy (people making more than a million a year), a fifth of them left the state.

Latest poll shows McCain leading Obama,elexpoll082008.article

In the latest Zogby poll, McCain is leading Obama by 5 points. McCain has lead in several polls of "likely voters" (a mathematically determined weighting system applied to demographic information in general polls), but this marks the first time he's lead in a general poll.

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