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New Mormon Movie Turning Heads

from the enough-with-this-gay-stuff dept
A new--and contraversial--movie is out about a gay mormon missionary who falls in love with his next door neighbor. Yeah ... not exactly the most likely of senarios. Anyway, it looks to me like the guy who made it (who, by the way, is an apostate) is just trying to profit through creating controversy. You can read an article about it all on's entertainment page. Thanks to Cassi for the heads-up about this.

Presidential Elections--who should I vote for?

from the vote-for-me dept.
Anonymous writes: "Faced with my first presidential election as a registered voter, I'm a bit overwhelmed in trying to figure out who to vote for. I know I should really research the issues and each candidate's stand on them, but I'm really busy and have a hard time making time to do tons of research. I've always thought good things about George W. Bush, but I'm surprised at some of the criticism I hear about him. And what about John Kerry? How do I know who to vote for?" This has been a hot topic in the Daily Universe lately. Here are some perspectives for Bush: George W. Bush rules!, against Kerry: John Kerry -- A friend to evil dictators, against Bush: Bush is exploiting 9-11, and we haven't seen much in favor of Kerry recently in the local papers, but here's one in from his website: John Kerry Letters. These are just opinions--how do you select a candidate to vote for?

Testing Center Website Woes

from the one-step-forward-two-steps-back dept.
Chris writes: "I've noticed that the testing center website isn't nearly as good as it used to be. They used to let you see the time-period that your test was going to be available but now all it shows are the tests you've already taken. It also used to have a live camera that showed you how long the line is as well as a forecast for how long the lines would be during the next few days. Whatever happened to all of this? Is there some reason it was taken away? Also, why doesn't the site have the answers that I bubbled in on my test and what the correct answers were? And why can't I get back my original scantron sheets? I would rather not have to put my blind faith in the scantron machine." Well said. I'm sure many have been wondering the same. Got something to say? Add your own comments.

Entrepreneuership: Is it for Me?

from the I-can-do-anything dept.
John writes: "I used to think entrepreneuers were crazy, but lately I've been getting the itch to start a business myself. It seems like almost every day I hear about some young person starting a business, like Kara Forrest featured in this article in today's Daily Universe. I'm amazed at the risks she's willing to take. I'd like to hear from other young entrepreneuers about their experience starting a business--is it worth the risk and hard work?"

When Work and Church Don't Jive

from the just-another-day-at-the-office dept.
Katie writes: "I was pleased to see this article in the Daily Universe about the issues arising from jobs that conflict with Church teachings, such as beer production or casino insurance. It seems that conflicts will arise with any job--is it wrong to work for a company that airs inappropriate content? What about a clothing store that sells immodest clothing? Where should we draw the line?"

At BYU the Silence is Deafening

from the loud-and-clear dept.
Anonymous writes: "The article by Dick Harmon today in the Deseret News really put words to a feeling I've had for a while. I love the atmosphere at BYU and I recognize that the Honor Code has a lot to do with that. It frustrates me when it seems like exceptions are being made for athletes. The silence of the administration on this issue makes me think they just want it to go away so that the football team will be better next year. I don't know about anyone else but I would rather have the Honor Code applied evenly to all students than have a good football team or any other team for that matter. What does everyone else think?"

Obesity Set to Overtake Tobacco as Number-One Killer

from the would-you-like-fries-with-that? dept.

Curtis writes: "Voice of America is running an article about the increasing problem of obesity in America. They cite a study that indicates that if America continues at it's current pace, more people will be dying each year due to obesity related issues than tobacco. The study also states that obesity costs our economy $90 Billion each year and 300,000 premature deaths. I'm amazed that this has become such a problem. I think much of our problem is due to the fact that our lives are becoming increasingly busy and stopping to exercise and to cook good meals has just become too costly for many people." A good point. What do you guys think about the problem? Is it something you see becoming more of a problem for you as you grow older?

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