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Why don't guys ask girls out?

from the what's-wrong-with-me dept.
And when they do, they all want the same girl! I'm one of many smart, fun, cute, good girls that often find themselves on a Friday night without anything to do. It seems like there is some secret to getting asked out on dates--enlighten me boys--what is it???

BYUSA Slammed in Daily Universe article

from the things-we-pretty-much-already-knew dept.

BYUSA was dealt a brutal blow today by the Daily Universe in an article describing a student poll that was conducted recently. Nearly all of the students interviewed had negative things to say about the organization. Two quotes from the article: " 'BYUSA is impossible to go through to hold an event on campus,' said Jane Carter" and "Robert Aird ... said 'BYUSA is overrated and pretty much useless.' " The article also mentioned that, "... a mere 16 percent of students surveyed actually knew the full name of BYUSA (Brigham Young University Student Service Association)." I personally don't know what to think of BYUSA. They haven't had a noticeable impact on my college experience that I know of.

BYU Professor denies power of change, condemns homesexuals to inescapable lifestyle

from the free-agency-for-all dept.

In a disappointing bow to secularism and succumbing to 21st century victimization hype, BYU professor William Bradshaw gave a lecture in which he claimed "no encouraging evidence suggests the possibility of behavioral and biological changes" for those with homosexual tendencies. He later went on to say "it is virtually impossible for these people to change their orientation, despite their righteous lifestyle."

Although "Bradshaw said though he is absolutely committed to the atonement of Jesus Christ," his viewpoints seem completely incongruent with a belief in the infinite nature of the Atonement of Christ and the fundamental power of change within the human soul.

Read more about it at BYU Newsnet. Update: Three student responses to Dr. Bradshaw's lecture have been posted in the Daily Universe. They can be found here, here, and here. Update (#2): Six more responses have been posted here, here, here, here, here, and here ... wow.

Atkins Sweeping the Nation

from the who-needs-carbohydrates-anyway dept.
We've all noticed "Atkins-friendly meals" at every fast food joint, grocery store, and gas station recently, but does it really work? And is it really healthy? It's become a topic of discussion in the Daily Universe lately--Rebecca Crandall says it's gone too far, while Carl Jones responded that Atkins works. Another recent article discusses the issue of the Atkins diet and the Word of Wisdom. What do YOU think? Is it safe? Does it provide lasting results?

One Nation Under God?

from the religious-freedom dept
Michael Newdow is headed to the Supreme Court with the latest church and state debate: the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance. Michael is an atheist, and said, "Every school morning, my child is asked to stand up, face that flag, put her hand over her heart and say that her father is wrong." The Daily Universe ran this Associated Press article"'Under God' under fire in the Supreme Court". It's really making me think, because although I know that the founding of the United States was inspired and guided by God, are we forcing that belief on others by making them say the pledge?

Secular Scholarship Criticized in Forum

from the nicely-said dept.

I was really impressed by the devotional yesterday in which Notre Dame professor Brad S. Gregory spoke on the flawed approach that most scholars take to the study of religion. He put into words a lot of ideas that I've had floating around in my mind for years. For those of you who missed it, his major point was this: scholars' believe that they are being neutral in the study of religion by assuming that all religion and religious experiences are untrue, but this belief is in-fact a religion of it's own--atheism--and is therefore distorting the truth instead of helping to seek it out. He believes that we should study religions with the assumption that they could be true regardless of whether they conflict with our own beliefs, and that by doing so we will come to actually understand them instead of merely explain away their beliefs. A transcript of the devotional should be available on soon.

South Park's Mormon Obession

from the out-of-obscurity dept.
The Daily Universe is running an article containing excerpts from an interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker--the creators of South Park--about the use of mormons in their show. They make references to the Church quite frequently and in November even had a show entitled "All About the Mormons" in which a mormon family moves into the neighborhood. It seems to me that in the last few years the Church has really been cast into the pop-culture spotlight. The BYU girl going on "The Real World", the 2002 Winter Olympics, and South Park are just some of the things that have happened recently, but I know there's been a lot more. I'm curious to know what impact this will have on the general public's perception of the Church and also on our perception of ourselves. Somehow it seems to me that as this trend continues church members will come to feel that their religion is common--just like all the rest. Am I right about this? What do you think?  UPDATE: Devin Athey and Kevin Sowards submitted this letter to the Daily Universe with more details about the show.

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