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Cell Phones in the Library

from the let's-talk dept.
Jason writes, "A big thank you to Christine Parsons, Cameron Masters, Blake Unguren, and Ben Hull for their recent letter to the Daily Universe about the cell phone users on the fourth floor of the library. It drives me crazy when people answer their cell phones right there and talk at full volume! I'm sure it's an important call and all, but how hard would it be to get up and go to a "more social area of the library"? I'm still trying to understand why it's so important that calls be answered right there in the library when they are answered. Can the cell phone users of the world can enlighten me?

Should Girls Ask Guys Out?

from the new-age-dating dept.
So having discussed the issues that keep some guys from asking girls out below, it's time to talk about how guys feel about girls who ask them out. Guys--when is it cool, and when's it not? Girls, how often do you ask guys out? Why do you ask them? What kind of guys do you ask out?

General Conference: What do you think?

from the let's-analyze-it dept.
Each LDS General Conference is characterized by interesting moments and repeated messages. This Conference seemed to carry on the focus on the family that has been prevalent in recent years, as well as being able to maintain standards and live happily and righteously in an increasingly wicked world. What do you think all this means? What did you think of Conference?

Tips and Tithing not the same?

from the I'll-just-have-water dept.
Jeff writes: "Dave Pringle recently wrote to the Daily Universe complaining that Ten percent isn't enough. I find it hard to believe that that many people that don't leave decent tips. How do other people decide how much to tip? Isn't 15% pretty common knowledge?"

Antidepressants: Are They Necessary?

from the be-happy dept.
Georgia writes:"With all this news lately about antidepressants making depression worse and contributing to suicide (Clinical depression not just sadness, FDA urges monitoring antidepressant patients), I've been wondering if they are really worth using and if there aren't better ways for dealing with depression. I haven't dealt with depression myself, but I'd be interested to hear from someone who has. The story in the Daily Universe made depression sound pretty bad. Are drugs really necessary? Aren't there other ways to be happy?

Illinois Issues Apology to the LDS Church

from the let's-be-friends dept.

I was surprised and pleased to hear that the Illinois government issued a resolution asking the "pardon and forgiveness" for the expulsion of 20,000 members of the Church in 1844. Featured in both The Chicago Sun Times and the Daily Universe, it seems that a member of the legislature visited Utah, learned of the Nauvoo experience and decided to do something about it.

What's the deal with this Mobile-Lube?

from the buyer-beware dept.
I've seen the ad here for Mobile Lube, so I finally went to the website and checked it out. It sounds like a good deal, have someone come to you to get your oil changed and all, but I'm not so sure about it. I would love to not have to go wait for an oil change, but I also want to be sure my car will be well taken care of. Anyone know anything about or had any experiences with Mobile Lube?

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