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Whalen and Jones charged in beating case

from the bad-to-worse dept.
I was disappointed today to read that two BYU football players Marcus Whalen and Breyon Jones were charged for allegedly beating / robbing 34 year old Yussufu Nsabimana on April 14th. After drinking at A. Beuford Gifford's Libation Emporium--a downtown Provo bar--they got in an argument with the victim which ended in what sounds like quite a brutal beating, followed by a second beating at the victim's own home. They also allegedly stole money from the man. Lots of news outlets are linking to the story including ESPN, CNN/SI, The Salt Lake Tribune, and The Deseret News. The most informative article I've seen is probably the Daily Herald's story which quotes Whalen's mom as saying, "It's almost like they have taken a situation involving stupid little boys and made it into a much bigger thing ... I don't know what to say. I don't know how they can do this." Sounds like someone needs a harsh dose of reality. I wonder what the effects of this will be on the morale of our team, the students and the fans. This has got to be pretty bad for the image of both BYU and the Church.

The Diamond Purchase: HELP!

The Daily Universe ran this article with some good tips on buying diamonds. Although the actual selection of a diamond is quite the challenge, it only scratches the surface of the challenges surrounding getting engaged. Assuming you've gotten far enough that it's actually an issue, the process of getting engaged brings up all kinds of crazy problems--from taking the risk on completely surprising her to telling him you want something just a little bigger--what do we do? What do you think? Should he surprise her? What should she do if she really doesn't like it?

Illegally downloading is "against the Honor Code"

from the but-i-thought-music-was-made-to-be-free dept.
In what many consider a shocking turn of events, The Daily Universe reported Monday morning that Steve Baker, director of the BYU Honor Code Office has said that "if a person downloads music illegally, [it] is a violation of the Honor Code." According to the article many students had no clue that doing something illegal was in-fact a violation of said code ... ok, all sarcasm aside, it's interesting that this issue has now been addressed so directly by the Honor Code Office. Here's the article's funniest quote, "Baker said although there have been very few cases of copyright infringement at BYU, if a student is reported, depending on the severity of the case, disciplinary action may be taken." Very few cases? I'd say there are a few more than that. The Recording Industry Association of America--among others--is out to convince everyone that copying music is the same as stealing CDs from the store. Somehow that just doesn't seem to make sense to most folks. Among them is Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, whose book Free Culture directly addresses this issue. His has some interesting ideas. A speech summarizing his ideas can be found here and a complete audio version of Free Culture here.

Journalist claims Rumsfeld authorized harsh treatment of Iraqis

from the this-is-starting-to-sound-like-Abu-Gate dept.
Seymour M. Hersh of the New Yorker has published a much talked about article claiming to have found evidence that the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal goes all the way to the top--to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld himself. Allegedly he authorized a secret program which allowed for harsher interrogation tactics in Iraq. The Pentagon released a statement calling these allegations "outlandish, conspiratorial, and filled with error and anonymous conjecture." Things just seem to be getting worse for Rumsfeld and for Bush in general. NPR radio reports on this can be found here and here.

BYU Men's Volleyball: Cheating?

from the bump-set-spike dept.
John writes: "I was disappointed to read this article in the Daily Universe saying that BYU Men's Volleyball is being accused of being dishonest regarding player eligibility. The interesting thing is that the whole issue doesn't sound like it's nearly as big of a deal in the UCLA article in the Daily Bruin. Is the BYU community making this into a bigger issue than it really is? It seems like the Bruins aren't all that uptight about it."

Bradshaw's Stance on Homosexuality Revisited

from the let's-get-it-straight dept.
Jeff writes "I haven't been so sure about the homosexuality debate swarming the recent lecture given by Dr. Bradshaw about biological factors surounding homosexuality and the application of the Atonement to the situation. Ty Mansfield submitted this powerful editorial in an attempt to clarify Dr. Bradshaw's message. So now the question is, does this change anyone's stance? Or do you still feel the same way about homosexuality and biology?"

Sister Hinckley will be missed

I was shocked a few hours ago to hear that Sister Hinckley died this afternoon. According to various news outlets she died at home, surrounded by President Hinckley and other close family members. I heard President Hinckley's talk when he said that she was ill and probably wouldn't be with us much longer but I guess I just didn't realize how sick she was. The news is being reported all over the place from The Salt Lake Tribune to The Miami Herald to Guardian in the UK. The Church's official news release can be found here. This is a sad day. Marjorie Hinckley has done a lot for the Church and as well as the rest of the world. She will be missed.

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