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BYU student dies in tragic accident

The Daily Universe is reporting that 22-year-old Tiffany Green died early Monday morning when her vehicle collided with a cow near Burley Idaho. The article also mentions that two other BYU students were in the car at the time of the accident, one of whom received a punctured lung while the other escaped uninjured. With the recent kidnapping of Brooke Wilberger and now the death of Tiffany Green I'm just kind of in disbelief. Stuff like this isn't supposed to happen so close to home, and to my peers. Tragedy seems to be striking the BYU community a lot lately. Let's hope things get better.

Reflections on Reagan

from the modern-george-washingtons dept.
I'm normally not the type of person who gets emotionally attached to famous people, but Ronald Reagan is the exception. I don't think I'm alone here either, it appears that Reagan's passing has inspired a moment of reflection for people all across the country--reflection on what it means to be the president of this nation. While George Bush and Bill Clinton both had the job of president, to me Ronald Reagan will forever be The President. As a little kid I remember seeing him talk on TV, and while obviously understanding nothing of what he was saying I felt safe knowing he was in charge. My mind never considered the thought of him trying to deceive anyone. I felt like I knew President Reagan--and in retrospect--I believe I did.

Site improvements: Round #1

from the mason-likes-pictures dept.
I just wanted to mention that this afternoon I started adding icons for each story category. They're the pictures you see along the right side of most of the stories, and hopefully they'll spruce things up around here a bit. I really want to be visually appealing. People just don't want to look at something that's ugly, myself included. It's tough to find good topic icons though--at least it is when you can't use stuff that's copyrighted. If anyone can dig up a better image than one of the ones I'm currently using let me know and I'll add it. Hey, and if you have anything else to offer feel free.

Religion of Peace?

from the onward-muslim-soldiers dept.

I read a good article on FrontPage Magazine's website entitled The New Face of Al-Qaeda about this 25 year-old kid named Adam Gadahn who is wanted by the FBI because of his involvement with Al-Qaeda which was revealed to them by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed--a captured former leader in the organization. Evidently Adam isn't a big player in Al-Qaeda, but what makes him different is the fact that he's American born. He's the son of a Christian mother and Muslim father. Neither of whom was religiously active. Gadahn--who describes himself as having been "obsessed with demonic Heavy Metal music"--eventually converted to Islam, with his beliefs growing increasingly violent over time.

T-Shirt / bumper sticker idea

This is a T-Shirt / bumper-sticker logo idea. What do you guys think? (If you click this story's title it will take you to a larger version of the image)

Napoleon Dynamite prepares to hit the box office

from the i-used-to-home-teach-this-guy dept.
I have the feeling that a lot of people still don't know about Napoleon Dynamite--the feature film set to open in theaters on June 11th which was written and directed by 24-year-old BYU grad Jared Hess and his wife Jerusha. I'm not sure why the Daily Universe has been so quiet about it. You would think that with how story-starved those poor Daily Universe reporters are they would be jumping at an easy story like this one. Anyway, lots of people are talking about this film. Typing "Napoleon Dynamite" into Google brings up 90,800 results. I'd say there is a bit of underground buzz building ... You can watch the trailer here and read an article about it here. I've seen Peluca--the original short which grew into this larger project--and it's hilarious. It's good to see Mormon filmmakers succeeding outside of the "Mormon comedy" nitch.

BYU student kidnapped

Nineteen-year-old BYU student Brooke Wilberger was kidnapped on Monday morning from the parking lot of an apartment complex in Corvallis, Oregon across the street from Oregon State University's football stadium. She currently is still missing with little evidence of her whereabouts. More details including pictures of Brooke and a video of a press conference with her family are given in this news article. From the article, "Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to call the Corvallis Police Department Dispatch Center at (541) 766-6911." Fox News is also covering this breaking story. Update: The website has been created to aid in the search.

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