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Southern Baptist cut ties over gay acceptance issue

from the smart-moves dept.
The Washington Times is reporting that on Tuesday the Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to sever ties with the Baptist World Alliance. The primary reason for the split is stated to be the acceptance by the BWA of congregations which endorse homosexual practices. It looks like the Southern Baptists--long known for their strong conservative views--have decided to draw the line here. For decades the views of mainstream baptists have been growing increasingly liberal, and evidently this has finally pushed the Southern Baptists to break off their 99 year relationship with the BWA.

Free MP3 Installment #1

from the legal-em-pee-frees dept
My dad (of all people) introduced me to a sweet site called Fingertips which collects links to free-legal mp3's. Fingertips also posts reviews of the songs / artists that it links to. Of course not all of them are good, so after some sifting I'm posting a few here for your listening enjoyment, guarenteed to knock your socks off ... or not ... you tell me:

The Liberals' Creed

from the amen-say-it-again dept.
Yesterday I bumped into The Liberal's Creed, a biting piece by Iraq correspondent Robert Alt adressing the media's slanted news coverage of Bush, Kerry, and the War in Iraq. The thing is dripping with sarcasm and does a wonderful job of putting the recent media-blitz into perspective.

I'm worried about the upcoming elections. I don't know if George Bush's reputation can survive the onslaught he's been receiving lately. John Kerry may not have accumulated as much in campaign donations, but with the friends he's got, who needs it? (Thanks to Fringe for pointing this one out.)

A Good Move

from the things-you-probably-shouldn't-sell-on-ebay dept.
If you were in church today and your bishopric did what they were supposed to you heard the announcement about the further security being taken to prevent garments from getting into the hands of those that would use them for lucrative gains.

Provo: Angling for an urban feel

from the mean-streets-of-provo dept.
The Daily Universe is running an interesting article about Provo's plans for its struggling downtown. The city is working with Chris Leinberger--a consultant and "new urbanism pioneer"--to develop a plan that would create a high-density multi-use downtown area which "efficiently combine[s] high-end storefronts, executive office space, luxury housing and private parking into a multi-use facility." The article quotes Chris as saying that "Without a downtown, you don't have a living room, you don't have a community room [where] the entire town can come together. It just doesn't exist."

Book of Mormon to be published in comic-book form

from the strange-twists-on-missionary-work dept.
I was dumbfounded to learn that a comic-book version of the Book of Mormon will supposedly be hitting stores this October. The Golden Plates: The Shape of All Things is the creation of Mike Allred, a church-member and 14-year veteran of the comic book industry. (Pictures here, here, here, and here.) Allred describes it as "It’s A Wonderful Life meets Conan the Barbarian," and even thinks of it as "a tool to make The Book Of Mormon ... more accessible."

Weapons that don't kill

from the fun-toys-for-the-apartment dept.
Sacbee is running an interesting article about the US Military's investment into non-lethal weapons. One of their projects is a dish used for firing an energy beam that paralyzes it's targets with pain but leaves no permanent damage. The article says that there are some thorny human-rights issues surrounding how these weapons could potentially be used. It says human rights advocates worry that this particular weapon "might be misused to harm civilians or converted into a torture machine that leaves no marks."

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