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The Herd Mentality

from the excruciatingly-long-posts dept.
I'm trying to put my finger on something, so bear with me as think out loud. This may get a little weird ...

Have you ever had a group of friends who you probably wouldn't have been friends with if it hadn't been for the fact that you were all around each other a lot? I once had some friends like that. I liked them but we were really different.

This is going to sound bad, but they were kind of ... well ... generic. When you were around these people the conversation was usually just small-talk. The girls talked about Clay Aiken, Carmen Rasmuseen, and lots of people in their ward. And the guys of course talked about stuff like new movies, Halo, and how they can't stand American Idol.

I couldn't bear to just sit around and have worthless conversation. Life seemed almost ...

Reality TV show right in our own back yard

from the surviving-american-bachelor's-real-world dept.
The Daily Universe is reporting that Provo resident Richard Mack has been selected as one of the 12 contestants of the upcoming Showtime TV series "American Candidate". The show's site says, "American Candidate will attempt to identify one individual who has the qualifications and qualities to be President of the United States ... Week-by-week, the original pool of ...

Man crowned in Senate Office Building declares himself to be the Messiah

from the way-way-out-there dept.
I heard the strangest story on NPR yesterday about Sun Myung Moon--owner of the Washington Times and leader of the Unification Church. In a bizarre ceremony on March 23 which was attended by various US congressmen, Moon was literally crowned by Representative Danny K. Davis (D, IL) after-which he declared himself to be the Messiah. (Here are the photos and video to prove it. Skip to 12:44 for the crowning. BTW, the video is in Korean. If you have BitTorrent, an english video is available here.)

What makes this even weirder is that Utah Congressman Chris Cannon and Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson were both in attendance!

I really haven't done my homework about this story, but I do know that most of the politicians in attendance claim ...

Napoleon Dynamite reviews

from the good-for-nothing-film-critics dept.
Well, I still haven't been able to see Napoleon Dynamite here in Austin, and I'm not sure when I'll actually get the chance. I've tried to sign up to see a free screening on its website but for some reason it's not working.

From the reviews it looks like people either love this film or hate it. Roger Ebert and Brian Orndorf of were really harsh on the movie, while ...

New BYU club focuses on living healthy

from the no-more-99-cent-totino's-pizzas dept.
Eating healthy and exercising frequently are two things we've probably all committed to do more than once, with mixed success. It's just not easy for a college student to pull off.

Well, today's Daily Universe has an upbeat article about Jeffrey Dunster, a 29-year-old BYU grad student who plans to offer some help. Jeff recently started the Real Living club which, among other things, is meant to support students in trying to live a healthy life. The club sounds promising.

One of the problems I see is that, on top of being busy, many of us ...

Mainstream media: leaning left (Updated)

from the but-cnn-anchor-women-are-hot dept.
I'm noticing a continual increase in liberal propaganda in the mainstream media. This Free Republic article sites a study done by the Pew Research Center which shows that among journalists, there are five times as many liberals as conservatives. Now, if you think the media won't be John Kerry's primary weapon in his battle against Bush, you're wrong. Even though Bush has more campaign money, Kerry has far more liberal backing from the media. So much for having objective news. No longer can we believe the mainstream media because they twist the facts to make conservatives come off as the bad guys. (Click "read the rest" for the update.)

Lakers who?

from the it's-still-a-team-game dept.
On Tuesday June 15th the All-Star quartet Los Angeles Lakers were sent packing after being beaten 4-1 in the NBA finals by the Detroit Pistons. It was nice to see the team that worked together triumph over the egotistical super stars. The usual style that the Lakers play could not prevail against the outstanding defense and team work displayed the entire series by the Pistons. Once again the Lakers EGOs stood between them and victory. When Shaq begins to play well Kobe felt it a threat to him and his game, so instead of going to what works he continually tried to do it himself. While the Lakers cried over who looks better, the Pistons were all chipping in to buy the Lakers a first class ticket home.

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