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Who will win the Republican Nomination in Utah? (1 day poll)

Mitt Romney
83% (15 votes)
John McCain
11% (2 votes)
Mike Huckabee
0% (0 votes)
Ron Paul
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 18

Who will win the Democratic Nomination in Utah? (1 day poll)

Barack Obama
74% (39 votes)
Hillary Clinton
26% (14 votes)
Total votes: 53

Possible "Voting" idea for Tuesday's Utah primaries

So tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and the big primary vote here in Utah. You might get the gist from my other posts that I don't support Hillary, but I also don't support McCain. I am a hard-core conservative, and view Romney as the most Conservative Candidate.

I think it's obvious that Romney will take Utah in the Republican Primary. McCain just doesn't stand a chance. So I've come across an idea that I'd like to pass on to prospective voters.

Whether you are a conservative, or a democrat, if you oppose Hillary Clinton, then the best thing you can do is VOTE OBAMA!

A vote for Romney is all good, but I think he'll take the state of utah by at least 75% of the Republican vote. However, I think the close race is going to be the Democratic Primary. Democrats here (well especially in SLC) have been voting for crazies like Rocky Anderson, so they can't be trusted. We need to ensure that this is Race of Obama in the Deomcratic Spot, and Romney in the Republican spot.

From what I understand, you must be a registered Republican to vote in the republican primary. However, You DON'T have to be a registered Democrat to vote in the Democratic Primary...meaning republicans can vote for any candidate.

He will be missed

News travels fast. I doubt anyone viewing this article hasn't already heard about the death of President Hinckley. He has been the Prophet of the LDS church my entire adult life. I have always been proud to support him.

He will be missed by all. We wish his family the best while dealing with the grief of his passing, but I'm sure they are also at ease knowing his life was well spent, and he resides now with his dear wife.

God Bless!

President Hinckley passed away

Tonight, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. He is loved by millions of people around the world and will surely be missed. Here is a short video about his life:

and a story from the Salt Lake Tribune

I gotta kick out of this

So I saw this story in the Daily Universe and chuckled after realizing the parallels with the name of the article and the name of this website site (Provopulse and Campus Pulse). Then of course the topic of the article, and the topics posted on this website a day before....

So I guess we know of one person who reads this site :)

Campus Pulse: Who will win the general presidential election?

What IF Hillary Clinton Made it all the way and WON?

Some of us are hard core Clinton NON-Supporters. We despise the idea that she might actually win. But what IF she did win? What would happen? Here are my thoughts as a result of some of her proposed ideas and policies. Keep in mind though, that even if she IS voted into office, she doesn't have all power. Checks and balances keep Presidents or any political body from having COMPLETE control. So if Congress see's her ideas as crap, or the Supreme court finds them unconstitutional (which is unlikely for some of her ideas), then she can't do much. Anyway, here are some possible negative outcomes of her taking office:

1) Capital Gains tax would increase from 15% to 45% damaging the economy, pulling away the incentive for people to do big $$ deals. This would give the government a false sense that they have more money (rather than paying off debt), inevitably causing more government spending than is needed and further putting the country in debt (just because they have more money doesn't mean they'll spend it wiser).

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