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Fidel Castro steps down - Yet Castro Circle Likely to Hold Power After His Resignation

From the New York Times - 2/20/2008 - HAVANA — Fidel Castro said Tuesday he would step down as the president of Cuba after a long illness, opening the way for his brother Raúl Castro or another member of his inner circle to become Cuba’s president when Parliament chooses a new leader this weekend.

The announcement was made in a letter to the nation under Mr. Castro’s name, which was read on radio and television programs that many Cubans heard as they headed to work.

Under the Cuban Constitution, a newly chosen Parliament will choose a 31-member council of state on Sunday, which in turn will chose the next president. Though Cuban officials say the process is democratic, experts on Cuban politics say the decision on a successor remains in the hands of Fidel Castro, his brother and his inner circle, many of whom hold positions in the cabinet.

There seemed to be little if any outward reaction to the news, which many Cubans had been expecting for months. Schools remained open, garbage continued to be collected, and clusters of ordinary people waiting for buses or trucks to take them to work seemed as large and numerous as ever.

BIG Explosion at pipe plant injures several people

I thought I would post this as I'm sure many of you in Provo felt this rock your house. It sure rocked mine!

Team Coverage (

A late-night explosion at a pipe-casting plant rocked parts of Utah County and sent several people to the hospital.

The blast went off on the casting floor of the Pacific State Cast Iron Pipe Company in Provo just before 10 last night, in the midst of nearly 40 workers.

John Balian, the company's general manager, said, "We went through the roster twice and everyone's been accounted for. The bad new is two of the injured workers have serious injuries."

Those two workers are now at the University of Utah burn center. Nine other workers also were taken to the hospital, and some have already been treated and released.

The explosion was loud enough to be heard at the sheriff's office in Provo, more than three miles from the plant. Officials say they received reports of people hearing the noise from northern Provo to the middle of Springville.

After Mitt Romney endorses McCain later today, will you fall in line and vote for him?

26% (15 votes)
38% (22 votes)
9% (5 votes)
Still Leaning towards Obama
28% (16 votes)
Total votes: 58

Have Republicans lost their chance at the White House with McCain as their man?

I like to consider myself a Republican. But after the recent events of Romney, Guiliani, and Thompson backing out of the race...I have my doubts about who we are supporting. Huckabee is a conservative, I don't argue that. He's just not any good, and everyone (including himself) knows he doesn't stand a chance, not now, not ever.

McCain is going to be the nominee (we all know it), and this to the disgust of many hard core republicans. The big talk is simply the idea that the far right doesn't trust him. He lied several times during the debates, put across many false accusations, and of course doesn't support fundamental conservative ideals. His immigration reform sucks, his budget reform sucks, and his "temper" sucks. Even his idea on Iraq sucks. Conservatives want victory, not a 100 year occupation.

I for one believe he can't win. He could beat Hillary, but she's likely not going to run against him. And I don't think he'll beat Obama. In many way's, I don't know if I want him to. If McCain takes the White House, republicans will be looked down upon more than they already are due to mistrust with Bush (I like Bush for the most part, but he has made mistakes). McCain will be viewed even worse, which would then destroy chances for Romney to come back in and take it all in 2012.

Is a vote for Obama a vote for Osama?

I know that the day before the Utah Primary I told everyone to vote for Barack Obama (and I'm glad they listened). But now since it's becoming more evident that Hillary may not get the nomination, the question then comes: Is a vote for Obama a vote for Osama?

A democratic policy is to wuss out and pull out. Barack Obama claims he'll increase the fight to find Osama, but at the same time how can you do that by pulling out U.S. forces? Of course his pullout is mainly focused in Iraq, and not so much in Afaganistan, but isn't there still an "Obama" inspired threat in Iraq. Now I'm sure Barack Obama really does want Osama dead just like every other American, but are his policies really going to make it happen?

Heller vs. DC

While the presidential election garners most of the media attention, a very divisive issue will shortly be before the Supreme Court.

Heller vs. DC is Washington, DC's appeal to Parker vs. DC, a case in which Washington DC's Circuit Court ruled Washington DC's prohibition on handguns and assembled long guns to be unconstitutional. Such a case is landmark, as the last time the Supreme Court tackled a 2nd Amendment issue was nearly a century ago, in Miller vs. USA.

Several analyses have indicated that Republicans gained control of Congress in the 90s as a result of the Democrats' over-reaching in regards to firearm restrictions.

Thus, my question to my fellow Provopulse readers:
What are your thoughts on Heller vs. DC?
What impact, if any, will the Supreme Court's decision have on the 2008 elections?
What impact, if any, will the Supreme Court's decision have on our society?

The Supreme Court announcement of such is here:

Which Candidate's Positions Most Closely Reflect the Teachings in this Scritpture: D&C 98:23-48

Mitt Romney
21% (8 votes)
John McCain
5% (2 votes)
Mike Huckabee
0% (0 votes)
Ron Paul
21% (8 votes)
Hillary Clinton
0% (0 votes)
Barack Obama
38% (15 votes)
None of them
15% (6 votes)
Total votes: 39
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