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Provo Advisory Board

Message from Mayor John Curtis about a new Provo City Higher Education and Young Adult Advisory Board.

In response to the need to better understand student and young adult issues, we have created the the "Students of Higher Education and Young Adult Advisory Board." Its purposes include:

  • Review discuss and forward recommendations on issues, concerns, and initiatives of the students of higher educational institutions and other young adults in the Provo community.
  • Review issues, concerns, and initiatives which may relate to parking, transportation, transit, off-campus housing, recreational and leisure interests, student service opportunities, and reaching out with new media to young adult populations and encouraging civic engagement among the young adult age groups.
  • BYU love & romance- looking for volunteers

    Photographers looking for volunteers for project on love

    We are a group of photographers documenting the culture of BYU and Utah Valley romance, love dating and marriage.

    We are seeking volunteers who would be willing to participate, by having parts of their lives documented. From first dates, to breakups, to getting engaged, weddings, divorces- we are looking to document the whole experience and culture. No compensation but good karma; however, for weddings, you'd get a free photographer.

    Our photographers are professional, discreet, and take a fly on the wall approach. We are looking for both one time and long term subjects; both men and women, and an entire apartment willing to be documented would be fantastic.

    Final product will be a short film and a book and gallery show exploring the culture, lifestyle and issues of Utah Valley romance.

    Please contact Eric Beecroft with questions and to participate.,

    Please Help "Now I Can" a Local Charity

    "Now I Can" is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping disabled children reach their greatest potential. "Now I Can" has combined the most effective methods of physical therapy with the most outstanding therapy team — making our therapy unique and sought after by families across the country.

    "Now I Can" was founded by a couple in Provo, Utah who travelled to Poland for intensive physical therapy for their daughter with Cerebral Palsy. After seeing the benefits of intensive therapy, the Christensen’s were determined to open a facility in the inter-mountain west so that families wouldn’t be required to travel outside the country for this effective treatment.

    Help "Now I Can" by voting on the Apx gives back application on Facebook. Endorse "Now I Can" every day until August 21. Your vote could help get $100,00 to help these great kids.

    You can pay someone to do your cleaning check? Seriously? Hello yclean.

    I consider myself a regular BYU student. I go to class, I work, I study, I try to squeeze in a little fun too. One thing I've never particularly enjoyed is cleaning checks. It's not that I like messy apartments (on the contrary, I'm actually a pretty clean person). It's just that when cleaning check time comes around, there are usually other things I would rather be doing.

    My friend Brad Rees and I were talking quite some time ago and realized that there are a lot of students who feel the same way. Then we thought, why not provide this service? After months of working on this, we finally launched our cleaning business, yclean, in June. With yclean, you don't have to worry about passing your cleaning check, because it's taken care of for you.

    Haven't heard of it yet? Check it out at or visit our facebook page.

    Casting Real People for a Utah Based Reality Show: The Food Nanny (Season 2) / $1,000 Pay


    We are looking for a wide assortment of “family” units in ethnically, socioeconomic and structural diversity. This could mean a group of college roommates, single parents, grandparents raising the grandchildren, or regular ol' families that need just need help getting the family together for dinner.

    STORY: Dinnertime expert Liz Edmunds wants to help families turn their hectic (or nonexistent) dinner hour into a delicious, fun, and enriching family habit. She’ll evaluate current dinner scenarios and teach families strategies for a successful family dinner — including communicating, prioritizing, planning, budgeting, and of course cooking. She will help families get control of mealtime!


    **VIDEO IS REQUIRED . . . and should go something like this . . .

    Experience and Advice for a BYU application

    My name is Conner Thompson and I am a freshman in highschool. My dream is to be a student at Brigham Young University and join the great animation department there. The problem is, I'm not sure if I am on the right track concerning grades.
    I finished this school year with a 3.68 GPA average. I am involved in no extra-curricular activities other than city-league baseball and boy scouts. I was selected for the Spanish Honor Award and attended the Language Fair held at the Wilkinson's Center. I am LDS and active and have lived in Utah for ten years. I'm not sure if these will help or not, but I know I should get involved in more after-school things.
    Could anyone possibly predict an ending GPA I would have to get throughout the rest of my high school career?
    Any extra-curricular activities I could do that fit my description?
    Thank you for your help!

    Scott Trade

    I am a poor student, but I had a little extra money last year and I decided to invest it into the stock market. It was a good decision on my part because, since I bought, the market has been doing a little better. I’m not rich, —yet.

    I think it is a good experience to learn how to buy and sell stocks on the internet for any student or person interested in business. You don’t need a lot to get started, and if you lose money (hopefully just a little) its just education cost.

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